What is Steora™ ?

Steora is the world’s best street bench. It provides phone charging and internet to users and beautifies the street. All powered by green solar energy.
Steora is more than a bench. Steora is the future of cities.



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Total energy consumed in kWh


USB charging


Wireless charging


The Latest In Smart Bench Technology

  • Mobile Device Charging

    Steora is equipped with an independently developed wireless device charger and two smart USB connectors, providing fast charging for mobile devices whilst ensuring battery protection.

  • Mobile Internet

    Internet access is constantly available in Steora’s near surrounding delivered by a superfast 4G mobile router.

  • Mobility

    Autonomy and independent solar power allow Steora to be easily mounted anywhere, without the need for special infrastructure, machinery or cables. Just install the bench and start using it!

  • Automatic Updates

    Steora has in-built sensors which gather different sorts of information, including atmospheric conditions, number of users and component functionality.

  • Data Gathering

    Steora has in-built sensors which gather different sorts of information, including atmospheric conditions, number of users and component functionality.

  • Solar Powered Autonomy

    Integrate solar panels power Steora entirely. Carefully optimizing its energy consumption, Steora never shuts down and works autonomously irregardless of weather conditions.

  • Temperature Controlled Seating

    In-built cooling system ensures that the seat temperature remains pleasant in all weather conditions. Large fans and special design guarantee that the temperature of seating plate doesn’t exceed 30ºC.

  • Ambient Lighting

    The stylish adaptive lighting illuminates a two-meter radius around the bench, enabling users to utilize its functions no matter how dark it gets.

  • Resistant to Vandalism

    Steora is bolted down and locked to prevent any unauthorized opening. If Steora is ever shut down, our internal tracking system will notify you immediately.

  • High Quality Build Materials

    High quality materials ensure protection against weather and vandalism. Modern composite materials combined with simple minimalistic design guarantee quality even after few years of usage.


Most Innovative Product of 2015

Awarded by the leading business journal Poslovni dnevnik

Best Start-Up of 2015

As voted by the readers of Croatia’s largest tech magazine BUG

Best Small Enterprise of 2015

Awarded by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce


Get Steora and start making better world

You can buy Steora Standard from our store. In case there is no local dealers, feel free to contact us directly to get a quote.
We are looking for distributors, become our local partner!


Steora fits perfectly into our vision of a ‘Smart City’. Our citizens are very happy with it, they especially love being able to connect to the Internet and charge their phones.

Koprivnica, Croatia

A brilliant Croatian innovation and salvation for your phone’s battery!


The Steora smart bench has fully met our expectations and we’re thrilled to have them available in our town. Include is a great company to work with and we would definitely recommend other towns adopt this product!

Poreč, Croatia

Amazing product! The Steora bench has attracted a huge amount of positive media attention to the region.

Solin, Croatia

Highly recommended, a brilliant solution for outdoor fitness parks!

Samobor, Croatia

Extremely satised! Steora enriched our Mall, the young people love it

City Center One, shopping mall

We’ve found that the bench looks amazing lit up at night. Steora really is an exquisite project indeed!

Splitski portal

Steora has enriched the experience of our most popular viewing point for visitors!

Nature park Marjan