The Smart Choice


We select innovative high technology products from the international market: creative solutions powered by clean, renewable solar energy. We source innovative products like the award-winning Steora Smart Bench.


Our goal is to introduce clean air technology to Australia. Products that are environmentally friendly while delivering real value to the public. The formula: Innovative solar-powered solutions designed for a mobile, always-connected public.


Join us in bringing the promise of clean air energy to the public space. Offer a prized outdoor digital oasis that enables users to relax, recharge their mobile devices, stay connected and view local information–completely powered by solar energy.

Our Product

Steora – Solar Powered Smart Bench

Steora is a leading, award-winning solar powered smart bench. Steora provides mobile phone charging and wireless internet to users. Its eye-catching design adds beauty to the local setting while providing much needed services to the public. All powered by green solar energy. Steora is more than a smart bench. Steora is the future of cities.


There has never been a better time than now to consider the exciting benefits of going green. Our products deliver a set of useful applications and services geared for an outdoor public on-the-go. Our solar-powered products enable you to place digital watering holes in a wide range of outdoor settings. Imagine an outdoor digital island in your public space with the ability to deliver wireless Internet access, mobile phone charging and digital signage–using only renewable solar energy.

And because beautiful is better, our products embody and reflect a design philosophy that the public will find attractive as well as useful. Our mission is to blend service utility, elegant design and clear air energy to create a unique outdoor social space.